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Salon Policies.

Allergy Testing

Under UK law a skin allergy test must be performed on all new colour clients at least 48 hours before any colour service and must be repeated every 6 months if the hair has been uncoloured in that time.



New clients are encouraged to book an in-person consultation prior to colour services to allow for accurate timing and pricing of your service. Alternatively, you can complete the consultation from sent to you via email and send photos of your hair in its current state, along with inspiration photos for an estimate. Please note that all pictures should be of good quality (preferably taken in natural light). This does limit the ability to fully understand your hair and last-minute changes to your service or outcome may be required if you choose this option. 


As a small business your appointments are important to us. Time is specifically booked out for you, so we respectfully ask for 72 hours’ notice of any amendments to your appointment. This allows time to fill your original appointment time. Any last-minute changes to your service will result in the original service charge being incurred. Same day cancellations or no shows will require the missed appointment to be paid in full before rebooking. 


As we are a small studio we respectfully ask that you plan to attend your appointments alone. Friends and family members can be accommodated on occasion but the salon space may be needed and we do not have a waiting area. Children without appointments will not be allowed to wait in the salon for health and safety reasons. 


We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. You have 14 days from your appointment to contact the salon if there is any problems with your hair, to discuss your needs going forward. We strive to conduct thorough consultations prior to any service, any damage or unexpected results to your hair from undivulged information is not the responsibility of your stylist or the salon.

What Should I Book For?

Specialist Blonding Services.

All blonding services are charged hourly allowing for bespoke creations to be tailored to your needs and budget. The prices and timings include toning/glazing and bonding treatments, as well as a cut and finish. Charging hourly is becoming more popular within the industry as more advanced and bespoke colouring techniques are needed to create the “insta worthy” looks most of us crave. This means a “one size fits all” pricing structure is quickly becoming reductive. 

If your hair is previously coloured then please read the colour transformation section. 


Balayage is traditionally a method of “hand painting” highlights into the hair leaving pockets of depth to create dimension and a seamless blend with your natural colour. Modern techniques combine hand painting and advanced foiling methods to create bespoke finishes and maximum lift where required. 

Max Blonding Balayage.







Creating a high impact blonde balayage takes time , skill and product. This look gives a high impact, dimensional finish with a softer grow out. Meaning less maintenance. This service typically takes 4-5 hours dependant on hair length and thickness. 


Natural Balayage.




This look gives a warmer blonde/bronde/brunette finish using mainly hand painting techniques. This look usually has more dimension than a max blonding service and gives an even more natural grow out. Typically this service is 3 hours. 


Balayage Refresh. 

This service is great for refreshing lightness around the face and parting between full head balayage services, extending the life of your finish. We recommend this 8-10 week after your initial balayage, and can be repeated twice before a full service is required. Glaze and cut included. Typically takes 2-2.5 hours. 


Tonal Refresh.

More commonly known as a “toner”. This stand-alone service will eliminate brassy/yellow tones, refresh your colour and blend away sun lightened highlights. A must have service for balayage and platinum clients. 1-1.5  hours including blow-dry. 


Colour Transformation. 

This option is for you if you have previous darker colour in your hair, whether professional or home colour. Varying products and techniques will be used depending on your desired result and hair history. Timings can vary and results unpredictable. It can take several sessions if you are looking to make a drastic change. Consultation for this service is key. This kind of service typically uses more product, time, and expertise. The integrity of your hair is always at the forefront of planning a colour transformation, and so the pricing includes all bond builders, treatments and cutting. 


Platinum Finish. (On virgin hair, no previous colour) 












This look is a zero-dimension, full head platinum finish. Lightening techniques have come a long way over the last few years and simply “applying bleach” no longer cuts it. For maximum lightness with minimal damage great care, and time is taken to ensure your new blonde hair stays healthy and strong. We recommend a root retouch every 6 weeks (after this it becomes more difficult to evenly lift the regrowth) or alternatively blend the regrowth with a subtle root shadow (this can be achieved with a tonal refresh). A platinum finish can take anywhere from 1.5 hours on extremely short hair to 5-7 hours on long/thick hair. 


Highlights are great if you wish to achieve an overall lighter look, a sun kissed finish or blend away greys. Highlights typically have a longer grow out period than scalp tints but not as long as balayage (around 8 weeks). Highlights will give a lighter finish closer to the root than balayage. 

Global Tint application. 

Full Head Tint. 

Tint is a colour that gives minimal lift (2-3 shades max) and deposits tone into the hair. We use tint to darken the hair, change the tonal direction (eg add warmth) or to cover grey hair. This colour is applied to the scalp, covering all the hair, giving a uniform colour. The ranges we use do allow for a natural finish with subtle variations in tone. We recommend regrowth refreshes every 6-8 weeks to keep a uniform colour. 

Full Head Vibrant colouring. 

This is like above but using a vibrant semi-permanent colour. These colours are purely pigment with no depth. They will not darken the hair and will not lift so need to be applied over pre-lightened hair (platinum finish). Semi-permanent colours sit on the outer layer of the hair and fade quicker than other colours, this kind of look is a commitment that requires extensive home care. 

Creative Vibrant colouring. 












As above this service is carried out on pre-lightened hair. This look has endless opportunities from colour blocking to colour bleeding. 


Cutting and Styling. 

Shampoo, Restyle and finish. 

What is a restyle? Well quite simply put, if you are changing the style of your hair, you need to book this service. Changing the shape and style of your hair is what stylists will call a restyle. The service takes longer than a trim with more refinement and education on how to best style your new do. 

Shampoo cut and finish. 

This is a trim on your current style. A little trim and a big trim are the same thing! If you are keeping your current style but just keeping the ends tidy or just having it a slightly shorter version then this is the service you require. Finish just means we will blowdry and style your hair for a fully “finished” look. 

Shampoo cut and blast dry. 

This is the same as a trim, but without a full finish. You guessed it, we only blast dry the hair so you aren’t leaving with it wet. This is great if you’re no fuss or have a shorter style that requires little to no styling.


Keratin Revolution Smoothing treatment. 












This service is perfect if you have frizzy and unruly hair. This keratin based treatment smooths the hair, reducing frizz by 90% and styling time by 75%. And if you love your curls but hate the frizz, good news! This is a smoothing treatment NOT a chemical straightener. It will allow you to keep your curls but just reduce the volume and frizz to your natural hair, as well as making it so much easier to blowdry and straighten if you occasionally like to do so. This treatment should be repeated every 3-4 months for optimum control, the treatment will fade out rather than grow out. It is recommended that this service be carried out 2 weeks prior to or post colour service ( we suggest before a colour). 

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