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Inclusivity & Diversity

Beauty for all

Female Friends

My Ethos. 

I aim to make my chair a safe and accepting space for everyone, encouraging mutual respect and a open celebration of differences in culture and identities. 

I will always strive to make adjustments and learn new skills to keep my salon experience a place for all to indulge and enjoy. 

Ethno Hair Types.

Ethnicity, race and hair type shouldn't be a factor when offering hair services. Too many times I have seen colleagues turn clients away because of the hair type associated with their ethnicity. The old excuse of "I never learned" just isn't good enough anymore. 

The availability of education and advancement in hair product technology means I offer my services to all.

No more being told your hair is too curly/fragile/dark to achieve your dream result. 

blonde afro hair.jpg
Smiling Model

Gender/Sexual Identity. 

As a queer person myself I feel this point speaks for itself. However you choose to express yourself, whoever you love, you are welcome and understood in my company. I always try to encourage self expression and open conversation. 

Disability, neuro-divergence and mental health. 

Wherever possible I can aim to make reasonable adjustments to treatments or the environment to make my services more accessible and the experience of visiting me as comfortable as possible. I invite every client to let me know if there is anything I can do prior to an appointment. This can range from letting me know if you would prefer to skip the small talk, come on a quieter day or time or have accessibility needs. I prefer to build relationships and I'm here to talk openly and lend a empathetic ear if needed. 

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